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Here I am at work, and all I really want to do is go to the library. Look at all the lovely books, and bring some home with me. I even brought my very anal (thanks Kelly!) list of books that I want to read. Or at least I think I want to read. Sometimes I pick up a book that is on my list, and read the first few paragraphs, or even the ending… I know, there is something wrong with me…. and if I don’t like the book I put it back on the shelf. So far I have only ever reconsidered on one book. The Witch of Cologne. It was an excellent book. Not about witches. You know what I really want to read about? Fairies, and witches, and in the present day. Not a book for kids, but one that makes you think. Another book that I though of for no good reason lately – A Wrinkle in Time. I remember reading that book when I was very young. In fact, I believe there was a series, and I was addicted to them. I wonder if my adult-self would enjoy them as much as my younger self would?

You know what else I really want lately? A mint chocolate-chip shake. I haven’t had one in years. In fact the last time I think (I might be wrong) was when I still lived in San Antonio.  If you haven’t ever had one – Baskin Robins made the best ones. Maybe I will snag one today and I will let you know at some point if it was good, or not. I would say tomorrow, but by the look of things it might be another month before I have a lull in my day long enough to post anything. Let alone take pictures and actually post them…. Now that would be something, huh?

Another thing that I have briefly looked at after I got my invite is Ravelry. Lovely really. Altogether lovely. It would be really useful if I had the time and energy to get it going. However, since I am either moving in 15 or 30 days I don’t think there will be much happening to that either. Oh, well.

Knitting? Well, yes. I have been knitting. Unfortunately, I have also ripped out everything that I have knit. I don’t know… There is nothing wrong with what I have been ripping other than the fact that I am not really sure what it is that I want to be knitting. I really want to knit a shrug to wear at work, but everytime I start one there is something about it that I don’t like. So, I rrriiiip it out. I have been looking at the Retro Redux Shrug in Lace Style… However, I would have to buy the book, and it is not in the budget. In fact, nothing knitting related is even remotely in the budget right now. Ugh.


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